Wetlands Restoration & Protection

A wetland is an ecosystem that holds much importance to nature. It is home to many different types of animals and plants—if not protected, they could go extinct. Both the government and many private organizations are giving extensive efforts in order to preserve and restore wetlands, but individuals or even small groups of people can help as well.


Protecting wetlands take a lot of money, and that’s a proven fact. While the government offers grants and loans to help make it possible, it is not always enough. Private organizations that work to protect wetlands often request or accept donations. The money is then used to fund restoration projects, so with your donations, you could help restore and protect wetlands.


Many organizations are understaffed, so they don’t have enough manpower to do all physical work required to help protect wetlands. This is the reason why they often ask volunteers for assistance. If you have spare time, you can always apply as one to help work on various projects, from building awareness to promoting wetland restoration. Every little bit helps and no effort is too small or goes without notice.

Prevent Developments

Flooding is often a major problem associated with the wetlands. As such, the best way to prevent structures and homes from having this problems is to stop development near these places. There are many agencies out there that try to stop people and businesses from building structures near marshes. The ultimate goal of this is to protect not just the people and their personal effects but also the flora and fauna that make this ecosystem their home.

Advocate for Preservation

There are many organizations that ignore the need of restoration and protection of the wetlands. By acting as an advocate for wetland preservation you can write letters to government agencies, promote the cause and collect volunteers and donations. More people will help if the general public is more aware of this cause.

Help Create New Guidelines

Whether you support the current guidelines or can come up with new ideas to help in the wetlands preservation efforts, it is important to help get the word out. You may want to join an organization or committee to help share ideas and opinions, with the ultimate goal of putting your thoughts into actions. Who knows, it might be your idea that will save this ecosystem from certain ruin.

There are many ways you can help protect and preserve wetlands. Even a single individual can make a huge difference, and giving your best efforts could inspire others to help as well. Wetlands are important to the world and their existence is necessary to create unique ecosystems where numerous different species of animals and plants can grow and thrive. If you’re aware of the value of these lands to nature and society as a whole, you need to spread the word so others will realize it too. Your efforts can make a difference, regardless of how you do it.