Incredible Ideas for Guilt-free Green Holiday Accommodation

If you try to live your life in a sustainable way, you might hold back from going on holiday. Travelling long distances especially can have a harmful impact on the environment, and you might feel guilty about catching planes or affecting the local area. But you can go on a green holiday and aim to limit your impact on the place you visit. You can also choose to use companies that benefit local communities and use their practices and profits for conservation. Apart from travel, one of the things that might concern you most about your holiday is the accommodation. Use this guide to find green living, even when you’re away from home.

Use Eco Holiday Companies

Luckily, there are lots of people just like you who want their holiday to be just as green as their home. This is excellent news because it means there are businesses that provide trips designed to limit their impact on the environment. Whether you stay in a hotel that aims to reduce its carbon emissions or you try out a yurt, these companies can help you find eco-friendly accommodation that’s right for you. They can provide green activities too, helping you spend plenty of time outdoors but without damaging the area around you.

Rustic holiday home


Ask About Green Measures

If you’re unsure about staying somewhere, you can ask the owner about the measures they take to make the accommodation greener. For example, you might want to rent a house for your family. A building isn’t as immediately evident as somewhere that aims to limit its impact on the environment like a campsite might be, so you might need to do some more investigation. Look for the kinds of things that you do at home to save energy, such as using LED spotlights, which are more efficient than standard light bulbs. You could ask about their energy use and sources, their recycling policy and even the cleaning products they use.

Invest in Your Own Holiday Home

Some people like to frequent one place for their holidays. If that’s you, you could consider investing in a holiday home of your own. Buy purchasing a house, or perhaps a caravan or just ┬áplot of land, you can ensure that your holiday accommodation is as green as you want it to be. You can do all the things that you do at home to live a green life, and when you’re not using it you could rent it out as eco-friendly accommodation to other people.

Try Camping and Glamping

For the ultimate green holiday accommodation, it’s probably best to avoid houses altogether. As long as you do it right, staying in a tent is much more environmentally-friendly. If you like your home comforts, you can also try a teepee, yurt or hut that aims to limit its impact on the surroundings. You can be comfortable but still have only the bare minimum of resources at your disposal.

With a range of different options for a green holiday, you can have the guilt-free time away that you’re looking for. The whole family can enjoy the world around you responsibly and learn to appreciate nature in its different forms.