How Can Small Businesses Go Green?

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The green issue is higher up the agenda than it ever has been. Some businesses are still putting off the idea of going green but more and more companies are now trying to reduce their carbon emissions. If yours is one of the new companies who still aren’t dedicating time to thinking about ways to be greener, it’s time to do so.

It’s not as difficult to be environmentally friendly as you might think either. And the main reason for a lot of businesses to make changes is the fact that clean energy is often a lot cheaper than dirty energy in the long-term. Here are a few ways your small business can go green today.

Use New Technologies

The first new technologies you should think about investing in are renewable energy generators. The most obvious two are solar panels and wind turbines. Which one you initially go for will depend on the climate of your location, but, for me, solar panels are more effective.

Remember to install a battery so that you can store all the excess energy you generate, and then you can use it when the sun isn’t out. You should also look at your office appliances. If they’re old and not working very well, they will be using more energy. Get the latest models to cut down on your usage a bit.

Go Green as a Team

Your workplace can’t successfully go green unless the whole office is working as a team to make sure you achieve success. There are lots of ways you can get everyone involved. Have a team meeting and see if anyone has ideas, if they do, implement them! Encourage everyone to turn off lights and appliance that aren’t in use – it’s those small things that make a difference.

It’s a great idea to run a carpooling or cycling scheme in your workplace. If people have incentives to do these things, they might give them a try. A lot of carbon dioxide is emitted by people traveling to and from work each day, so do your bit reduce that amount.

Be Meticulous

Don’t be a control freak or an annoying boss about it, but being meticulous and careful with your energy usage and wastage is nothing to be ashamed of. There bits of equipment that can help you with this. If your company deals with gases, make sure you aren’t leaking gas into the atmosphere by using gas monitors. And if you are still using old-fashioned light bulbs, switch to efficient fluorescent ones.

Even if your employees don’t like it, it’s also important to insist upon office recycling. Have as many recycling bins around the office as possible!

Get the Office Energy Audited

Some local authorities will actually provide you with an energy audit free of charge. An energy auditor will inspect your workplace to see where and how you are wasting energy. They may be able to point out where heat is escaping from the building or which appliances are using up the most energy.

Once you know where the problems lie, you can start to fix them!