Why Self Build Your Ideal Home?

Building your own home has the advantage of offering you, the owner, everything you could want in a property. With a self build you can enjoy the home of your dreams and incorporate all the facilities  desired while ensuring energy bills are kept manageable thanks to strict eco standards.

Timber frames are very popular with this type of house construction.  There are several reasons why. A timber frame enables the home to be built much more much quickly. It also enables flexibility and the frame can be designed to your own specifications. The enhanced speed of construction will also help save on costs. Another advantage of timber frames is that construction can proceed whatever the weather conditions, and of course, timber is a renewable resource.

Choosing Building Materials

Your ability to build your ideal home will depend on the materials supplied. This means you need to find a company which supplies only top rate materials and whose staff is both knowledgeable and friendly and able to offer first class advice throughout the entire building process. For people seeking to Self Build they may have an idea of the type of DIY property they want, but how to start can be a conundrum. This is where advice by a company dealing with self build homes clients can be a major advantage.  If possible find a company which offers a comprehensive service.

Ideally the range of services will include a bespoke design service for clients who have not already engaged the services of an architect.  Look for a service which offers a variety of choice such as designs from a range of existing plans or a completely new and fresh design. Ideally this can be offered free of charge.

Planning and building regulations is a minefield for the uninitiated, particularly when it comes to Self Build.  Then it is time to use the assistance of experts .The service will include such matters as engineering,  SAP calculations and meeting the standards of the Code of Sustainable Homes.

A one-stop company which can assist you with your self build project will be able to work to exact specifications which can be adapted to meet your own requirements.  Doors, windows, internal doors, plasterboard, insulation, staircases, skirtings etc should all be included in the list ensuring you will have a DIY home built to the highest of standards.

As well as the planning, design and specification service it can be a good idea if the same company also manufactures the timber frame kit. And there is nothing better than a frame which has been superbly handcrafted.

Flexibility is also the key for anyone planning a self build home. If you already have your own erection team specialist companies can provide what is known as a supply and erect service. Otherwise the service can be 100% comprehensive; dealing with design, planning, meeting building and planning regulations, manufacturing the timber frame, before finally erecting. All of this ensures that self build homes make the ideal properties.

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