Caravanning Accessories That Will Help Make Your Holiday A Success

If you are interested in spending some time in the great British countryside, you should consider hiring or buying a caravan to explore what is out there on home soil.  The world caravanning may strike a look of fear across many a person’s face, because of those painful memories of doing it as  kid.  However, caravanning does not need to be the scary thing it may have once been, as there are a staggering number of different caravan accessories you can purchase, that can make the experience a lot more comfortable and therefore, enjoyable.

A Water Pump

In order to have direct access to your water supply, you need to have a water pump.  While you may already have one of those, it is highly recommended that you invest in a spare one.  Then, you know you can easily replace the current one if it stops working correctly.  Most water pumps are very easy to install and take little to no time to do it, so there is no need to worry too much about whether you are technically gifted in that way or not.

Drain Down Kit

When the water system in your caravan is not regularly cleared out, bacteria can build up or if it is left to sit during the winter months, it can even freeze up,  To avoid either of these scenarios happening, and causing you to have expensive repair bills, you should invest in a drain down kit.  This enables you to remove all waste water from your caravan’s water system.

Water Purification Tablets

Having access to fresh and clean water free of bacteria is essential on any caravanning holiday and though the majority of caravan sites have access to water; you may have decided to set up base away from the crowds.  Therefore, in order to ensure that the water you use is clean and safe to drink, you need to invest in water purification tablets.  Normally, you only need one tablet to purify around 25 litres of water.  So, if you are going away for not much more or less than a week, a couple of packets should be enough.

Mains Connected Camping/Awning Light

An essential accessory if you are planning a trip is a good camping or awning light.   They are great for when you want to sit in the cool evenings and don’t want to be stuck in the caravan .  We would recommend you try to look for one that can easily be attached to an awning pole and that requires LED bulbs.  Compared to standard bulbs, LEDs last longer and are more energy efficient.

Wheeled Water Carrier

Access to large volumes of fresh water for various purposes is important when taking a caravan holiday.  Water is required for drinking, cooking and washing.  You therefore need to find a good quality, sturdy water carrier with wheels, as you may have to walk some distance to reach the camping/caravan site’s water supply.  It is also a very good idea to aim to get a water carrier that can hold over 25 litres of water, as this will help reduce the number of trips you have to make each day.

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