You’ve Got Eco-Friendly Mail! – How To Recycle Your Packaging Leftovers

Image by: jon hayes

Recycling your rubbish has never been easier. With many environmental projects and initiatives cropping out of the woodworks, if you want to find a way to recycle almost every part of your packaging – you can! Thinking about our impact on this earth is getting ever more important as the amount of waste pollution keeps increasing. Even in the small things, we can make a difference. After all Tesco’s do have a point as every little really does help. This is why not being quick to throw your old packaging straight into the garbage will go a long way in the scheme of things

If you have never considered it before now, recycling your used packaging can be a great way of helping the environment and doing your part to minimise waste. If there are recycling facilities close to where you live, this can be the perfect opportunity to start! Even if some items that you have cannot be recycled in your vicinity, you can still put in whatever is allowed and go from there.

Here are some good tips for recycling your used packaging so that it doesn’t go to waste:

  • Break down the Box – as many parcel delivery services do not offer reward schemes for recycling your packaging waste, it’s important to take on the responsibility yourself.

You can start by breaking the box down and put it outside next to all your other recyclable refuse when the bin collectors come every week. However, it is important to double check that the box is made from 100% recyclable or biodegradable material. It will normally feature a logo printed on the bottom of the box.

If you have posted with a courier that has a sustainable ethos, you will often find that all of the boxes they use will be completely recyclable.

  • If you have got any insulators lying around, you can definitely chuck them into the recycling bin too! Normally the plastic and foam liners can be gotten rid of at polyurethane facilities which your local recycling department might have.
  • Think about the product – depending on the product that was packaged in the box, you may find other materials that will be used for the transit process. For example, if food was delivered, there might be water-soluble gel packs inside which could also be recycled. Or maybe there is metallized materials used to keep food fresh in which case you can re-use certain items or simply chuck them at your local facilities.
  • Recycle any containers – remember that any bottles, bags and containers that are left in the packaging can also be recycled. Simply wash them through and peel off the labels. Once again, ensuring they have the recyclable logo on.

If you opt with parcel delivery services that are centred on a sustainable ethos, you will find that all of their packaging items will be 100% recyclable. The responsibility to help the environment should be taken on primarily by large corporations so that we as consumers can do our part.

When going for a particular carrier, it might be wise to do some research and see what sustainable initiatives they run. For example, UPS’ Eco Responsible Packaging Program seeks to help their customers find materials that can be reused through their special sustainable shipping program.

Depending on your packaging leftovers, you might have lots to recycle! From bubble wrap to boxes, you can be sure to do your part and benefit the beautiful earth by recycling whatever you can. This will not only give you peace of mind but will help reduce waste in your local area and therefore have an effect on our global landscape.