5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Living eco-friendly is not always easy. There seems to be a lot of extra hurdles, even today, that a person needs to jump through in order to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. This, however, does not discourage many people from their decision to live earth-friendly. Most people still care about the environment and recognize the difference that their actions can make in helping the planet reserve and restore.

Moving is one of those times when living green is a little more difficult. Moving is typically a very wasteful and environmentally damaging process. From the trucks’ emissions to the wasted bubble wrap, there are a lot of things typically involved with moving that can be very damaging to the environment. Even though these common practices are the most popular for moving, there are some ways for movers to make the entire process better for the environment. Here are five tips to help anyone have a more eco-friendly move.

Purge old items

Moving is the perfect opportunity to say out with the old and in with the new instead of storing it for an extended period of time. Anyone can start going through their things as they start packing and begin eliminating things that are no longer needed. This can help movers pack less and have more room in their truck. This means less waste created and a faster moving process, both which are giant advantages to anyone moving.

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Use an economically conscious moving company

Most moving companies use practices that are very damaging to the environment, even though they are very effective at getting people’s things from one home to the next. However, there are a lot of moving companies that allow movers to choose options that are more economically friendly. This is a great way for anyone to enjoy a smooth moving process while still feeling good knowing that they are doing what they can to protect the environment.

Find some reusable boxes

Cardboard boxes are the common choice when moving, but wasting all of those boxes after the move is nowhere near eco-friendly. There are many options for buying or renting reusable boxes and other packing materials that anyone can utilize for their move. This allows people to keep their things safe without wasting cardboard boxes.

Use clothes and blankets for packing purposes

Bubble wrap and packing papers are a couple of the other things that are common in the moving process that are actually quite bad for the planet. Movers can avoid using these materials by finding some alternatives in their own closet. Everyone can use their own clothes, blankets and other soft items to wrap up breakable or otherwise fragile things for their move. This is a great way to save space as well.

Plan the right time for moving

Movers might not always have control over the time in which they need to move, but those who do should plan accordingly to help the environment. Depending on the climate and the time of year, moving can be a lot less damaging to the earth. For example, people living in southern regions should try to move in the winter months to save gas.

Moving boxes

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