Tips and Tricks for the Eco-Efficient Office

Keeping your office’s carbon footprint down can seem like a losing battle. Every time you reduce your emissions in one area, it goes up in another – and sometimes it’s just a necessary evil that is key to your business. We can fully relate to the struggles of staying efficient in the office – and we’re pleased to inform you that there are some easy and effective fixes for the inefficient office. Learn how you can stay green without compromising.


  • Place recycle bins next to each bin you have in the office. You can’t force your workforce to use them, but it’s good to offer them the option. There should only be a recycle bin next to the copier and printer, as the most recyclable waste is produced here.
  • Think before you print. Before you send the document to the printer, think how printing could be avoided. Could the document be emailed or presented to the group on a projector rather than in physical form?
  • Buy recycled paper for the printer and copier, and use refillable toner cartages.
  • Everyone should have their own reusable mugs or flasks in the office, as this will significantly reduce office waste.
  • To save both the planet and your energy bill, simply turn off all electrical equipment overnight. This will reduce the wasted energy used while no-one is in the office. This might seem totally obvious, but you’d be surprised how many offices leave computers running. It takes seconds to turn off a light or a computer before you set off home and can save a great deal in the long run.
  • Put all copiers, printers and computers in sleep mode after a short period of inactivity – this will reduce the amount of electricity you use unnecessarily. You can also shorten each computer’s sleep time so that, when someone leaves the office for lunch, their computer won’t keep running at full power.
  • You can also change the settings to lower the brightness of the screen on each computer – this will reduce the running cost of each computer by using less power to do the same amount of work.
  • Flat-screen monitors use less power compared with other monitors, while a laptop uses 90% less energy and space compared to a desk-based computer.
  • By opening doors and windows, you can eliminate the need for air conditioning and fans around the room. It’s strange how many offices have both the heating and air conditioning on within the office space.
  • By switching to an Eden water cooler, you can save between 270 and 285Kg CO2 emission every year this is done – through reducing travel costs getting the product to your office, and by using long lasting water which can reduce the need to change the water constantly.
  • Eden water coolers only use local water, meaning that one litre of water only travels an average of 32 meters. This reduces travel costs and CO2 emissions released during transportation.



As long as you’re remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle at all times, your office should be a shining example of eco-efficiency in no time.

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