5 Really Stylish Interior Design Trends for Your Kitchen

Every ten years or so people tend to take on a major project in their homes. Perhaps it is because a room in their house is looking tired and dated, or it could simply be a desire to add value to their property.

There are two rooms that, if renovated, are almost sure to increase the value of your home; the kitchen and bathroom. Both withstand a bashing over the years in slightly different ways. The bathroom has a constantly moist atmosphere where limescale builds up on tiles and fittings, while the kitchen suffers with heat, grease and fat, and heavy use. Today we are going to take a look at some top design trends that you can employ in your kitchen if you are considering a revamp.

A bright and beautiful kitchen.

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Glossy cabinet doors are currently very popular. Whatever your colour scheme, from white to bright yellow, there is now a range for you. Every colour under the sun is now available in all standard sizes. The door handles, however, are no longer the feature of the kitchen that they once were. Thanks to modern technology and cutting edge hinge and catch designs, the need for door handles is a thing of the past. This enables your doors to maintain crisp, clean, unbroken lines in the kitchen.


That horrible fluorescent light in the middle of the ceiling must go! It is amazing that we have put up with them for so long. They are the source of millions of daily headaches. Wonderful things have been achieved by designers with regard to lighting. Modern, metallic track fittings are freely available in the shops as are a huge range of modern spot lights. Kitchen downlights are the latest trend, as they are all over the house. Under cupboard downlights are available, with halogen or led lamps installed, and are a functional and attractive option. A must for the modern kitchen design. Modern lighting solutions use less energy than their old counterparts and therefore are good for your wallet as well as the planet.


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Ceramic tiles are still the best material to use in the kitchen. They can be cold to stand on but are easy to keep clean and are hardwearing. Laminate flooring now comes in tile effect also. Keep the floor colour either very bright, or very dark, depending on the colour of your walls and cabinets.


Natural stone is the latest trend when choosing counter materials. It will need to be cut to size by a professional but will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Avoid laminated chipboard that has a shiny surface. It will look good for a day but scratches too easily.


I’m afraid those old curtains just won’t do at your kitchen window anymore. Most people have now discovered the beauty and practicality of window blinds. Venetian blinds are suitable for any room in the house, so if you have selected these, well done. Other styles to choose from include roller, roman, vertical, solar, and wooden. All of these styles come in a whole spectrum of colours that will match, or contrast, any kitchen colour scheme.

If you have got this far, i’m sure you are getting excited over the prospect of a brand new kitchen. Planning is so much fun and, whatever advice you receive, designing your own kitchen is a great way to inject your own personality into your home. I am merely laying out for you, a few trends that other people are taking up this year. First and foremost, do it your way. I hope your project goes well.

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