Being Eco-Friendly: The Benefits For Your Business

If you are starting a business or you are already an established entrepreneur are you doing this the eco-friendly way? Many business owners are too busy with the day-to-day running of their company to spend time considering what would be the most eco-friendly way to do things. While, I understand how challenging and time-consuming running a business is, being green can, in fact, create a number of benefits to your company. So I do believe it is worth the effort. Here are just some of the advantages that come with being an eco-entrepreneur.

Going green will help the environment, of course.

Your business can either contribute to the already damaged environment we live in or help to protect it from further destruction. With just a few green choices, your company can do its bit to protect our precious environment. These actions include using renewable materials, recycling, using energy efficient products and going paperless.

Going green can cut your business costs.

Many eco-friendly choices that businesses can make will save them money compared to the conventional options. Let’s take environmentally friendly lamps & lighting as an example. By choosing LED lights over standard bulbs, you will significantly reduce your energy usage, and therefore your utility costs will decrease. And, because the demand for these kinds of energy efficient products is increasing, the prices are coming down.

By creating an environmentally friendly culture throughout your businesses, you can also cut down on outgoings. For example, switching off devices at the end of the day and using natural light for both light and heat purposes as much as possible are a great start. You can also look to your business travel budgets for cost savings by switching to remote meetings and embracing the modern work-from-home culture.

Remote meetings

Image from Scott Maxwell

Going green can improve your business reputation.

These days, more and more people care about protecting the environment that we live in. If you are seen as an organisation that is unconcerned with the environment, or even worse, actively contributing to its damage, your reputation will suffer.  This could affect your ability to gain certain new customers, clients and suppliers, and hold on to existing ones. On the other hand, if you are seen as taking a green approach to your business, you will earn the reputation as an ethical business.

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Going green can help your business grow.

There are a number of business finance and grant options available to companies that launch green initiatives. Green grants and loans are available from a number of different sources. These include local authorities, the Government and several organisations dedicated to reducing energy usage. To see whether you can apply for a grant or loan of this kind, the best place to start is to make an enquiry with your local authority. There are also a number of tax breaks for businesses that invest in energy efficient equipment.

It’s clear to see that with going green comes a number of advantages for your business. Not only can it save your company money, but it can also help you source it. And on top of that, it will boost your reputation among customers, clients and many others.