Cheap And Trendy Kitchen Decor Hacks

Kitchen decor is one of the most important things to focus on when you are designing your home. Sometimes we overlook the little things in favour if the big, eye-catching elements of home design. Once we understand the importance of including every little detail into your home design, we can make much more of an impression. Think about ways that you can save money or re-use old household items when you decorate your kitchen. This might just help you out financially and give you some unique luxury kitchen decor ideas in the process.

Fun Ideas For Your Kitchen Door

Wooden crates – using a wooden crate as storage can be a fun and trendy idea. You can use them to store your fruit or stencil them with food and drink names and stack them as kitchen storage options. You could even make your own spice rack! The possibilities are endless, and there are hours of fun to be had. Just be careful if you intend to do any cutting or sawing as this can require a little more time and patience.

Glass jars – never, ever throw away your glass jars! There are so many uses for these that are far better than just leaving them out for recycling or throwing them to the back of a cupboard.  Using your old glass jars in a clever way can save you money on new kitchen accessories. A few good ways to use glass jars are:

As a vase: simply put some water in your glass jam jar and add your flowers. Tie a ribbon around the rim to create an even prettier touch.

As food storage: use your glass jars to store grains, pasta and other foods. You could also use them to harvest up any herbs from your garden. Dry the herbs and store them in airtight glass jars for freshness.

As tea light holders. Pop a tea light into your jar and use it for romantic evening meals at the kitchen table. These look beautiful when lit up. You could even create a stained glass effect for a more unusual look.

A beautiful kitchen!

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Paint sample pots – some companies will let you order a sample pot of their paint and pay a minimum postage charge. You might even get lucky and find an offer with free postage! Use these to paint cupboards, walls and small areas that need a tidy up. Paint can be an expensive part of decorating your kitchen. Especially if your room is incredibly large! Saving up paint pots and asking friends and family might help towards the cost while allowing for a beautiful looking finish.

Kitchen door revamp – in some of the coolest Bournemouth kitchens that I’ve seen, they all have immaculate designs and lots of work surface space. You could either completely redo your kitchen if you feel that it is beyond repair or paint the cupboard doors. This could give your kitchen a new lease of life. Add some fancy new doorknobs, and you have a budget friendly way to make a change.