Coping with Middle Age Physical Disabilities

According to the statistics from the Office for Disability Issues, Department of  Work and Pension, UK Government on January 16, 2014; over 11 million people suffer from limiting long term illness and disability. The most common impairments are those that affect mobility. It was found that the prevalence of disabilities rises with age, as only 6% of children are disabled, compared to 45% of the adults over State Pension age.

In fact, nursing homes in Crawley like Ashton House are particularly known for their nursing services. So if you think you are alone in dealing with your disabilities, know that are a lot more just like you coping with the same issue. So how do you cope with a physically disability for life at the age of 60?

Emotionally Coping with Disabilities

Firstly, make sure that you do not live alone. It would be a good idea to stay with your family or get admitted in a Haywards Heath nursing home, so that you can mental and physical support.  Here are a few self empowering things you can do for yourself.

  1. Organise things to suit you: Make sure you lead a neat and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you room is clean. If possible, take part in routine cleaning sessions to promote a positive environment.
  1. Ask a friend: You can ask your friends to help you with things that you yourself cannot do. You can also give them something in return. For instance, if you ask them for housekeeping help, then you can in turn provide them work related assistance. Remember that your time and efforts are as valuable, so you do not have to be treated like charity.
  1. Make a move: You can even plan to move to a new city that is better equipped with resource of disabled people. If you feel you need round the clock assistance, consider moving to a nursing home in Crawley. This will get you familiar with likeminded people. Never feel that your dependence is a character flaw, you have a right to live smoothly without any hurdles.
  1. Exercise: Exercise will not only promote your physical health, but also improve your mental stability and fitness. If you are in a wheelchair, you can do some routine exercises suggested by your doctor, or even consider getting a water therapy, which is said to be very beneficial for the treatment of physical disabilities. Do not indulge in a sedentary lifestyle. It is good to keep active.
  1. Keep calm:  Do not get frustrated with your condition. Although this must be understandably difficult to deal with, your frustration on others will be in vain. Some people tend to be extra nice to disabled people and might not treat your fairly. Make sure that you do not get riled up. Remember that they are as new to this as you are. If they are sympathetic to what you have gone through, it is absolutely normal. If you want to make friends with people who are suffering similar problems, you can join a nursing home in Crawley.

You might not have had a say in being disabled, but the future is based on the choice you make, be sure to pat yourself in the back for even the baby steps you take. Self appreciation is the best way to enhance emotional stability. 



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