Flexible Options for Living When You’re Older

Everyone is aging, and we all need to accept that we might not be able to look after ourselves as well as we once did. Whether you’re talking to your parents about their wishes or thinking about what you want to do when you reach a certain age, it’s best if you make plans in advance. It might not be something you wish to think about, but making plans now means you or your parents can have a say in what you want to happen. Otherwise, you or your children can be left feeling like you’re making decisions on behalf of your parents without knowing their exact wishes. When you discuss growing older with your parents, children or other family (or perhaps friends) consider the following options.

A group class at an assisted living facility.

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Care Homes

If an elderly person needs round-the-clock care, one option is for them to live in a nursing home or care home. This choice may be suitable if no one in the family can care for their relative. Looking after a family member full-time isn’t feasible for everyone. And not everyone wants their children or other relatives to have the responsibility of caring for them. People often worry about living in a care home, which is understandable. It’s important to find a quality establishment when you need somewhere to care for vulnerable adults. Nursing homes aren’t affordable for everyone, so you should also consider other options.

Home Care

Some people would much prefer to stay in their own homes. Staying at home means there’s no upsetting move to an unfamiliar environment, and you can have a carer visit whenever you need them. The carer could be a relative, or it could be a hired professional from a home care services company. A home carer could help you with a range of tasks, from washing and getting dressed to cooking your meals and helping you eat. Home care helps you maintain some independence in your home, and you can also make adjustments to your house to make it more accessible.

Assisted Living

Between care homes and home care, you’ll find assisted living. If you want to maintain some independence but don’t feel that staying in your home is an option, you could move to an assisted living development. These homes let you live alone but with 24-hour assistance available to you. There are staff members on hand to help you out with daily tasks, as well as other people to socialize with. If you’re afraid of becoming isolated in your home, assisted living could be an excellent option for you.

Being a Carer

You might decide that you are going to care for your parents if they can no longer look after themselves. This is a big commitment, but many people prefer it, so they know their parents are getting the attention they need. However, you should be aware of the trials of being a full-time carer. It can be expensive and emotionally draining, even though it can also be rewarding. Make sure that you have support available to you and that you can take a break now and then.