Eco-Friendly Party Planning

Seeing bin bags full of waste going off to landfill is a depressing way to end a party. But from serving eco-friendly food and drink, to low-carbon party ideas like making treasure hunt clues for kids – there are loads of ways you can throw an eco-friendly gathering. Read on to find out more!

Back to Basics

The first step for any party is sending your invitations, and there are plenty of fun ways to do this without using a scrap of paper. Make up an interactive email from a template or photograph the details sketched in the sand and send it round to your guests.

Although disposable plates and cutlery may seem temptingly easy, consider using proper plates. You can hire them from a rental company if you want something fancy or just don’t have enough to cover all your guests. When it comes to extra seating, reuse and recycle! Get inventive with pallets. They’re often abandoned on the street, and can be sanded down and transformed into benches, chairs, and tables.

The Best of Local

When choosing food and drink for your party, buy local and seasonal produce where you can. Puree fresh apples in the autumn to make apple martinis, or use strawberries in a gin smash from May to September. Just mix a little sugar with fresh strawberries, gin, mint and soda water. Throwing a party is a great opportunity to discover some local wines, beers or ciders too.

For food, grab your reusable bag and head to your local greengrocer, baker or farmer’s market. Ask them what’s fresh and in season. You can even make local food the main event, like a cheese party with Caerphilly, Stinking Bishop or Cornish Blue, depending on your region. Cover the leftovers with tinfoil rather than cling film, as it can be recycled. Better still, use Tupperware, which you can wash and reuse endlessly!

Picking a Theme

Of course, the atmosphere of your party may already be set in stone, but if the theme is wide open, there’s scope for something eco-friendly and fun too. For example, an outdoor garden party could include fresh flowers as table setting, seasonal cocktails and a homemade piñata. Blow up a biodegradable balloon and paper mache over it using old newspaper, then paint. Once that’s dry, pop the balloon inside, fill with goodies like truffles or packets of tea, then decorate with dried leaves. Whether it’s for adults or children, it’s a fun way to ensure your party ends with a bang.

If you’re planning a children’s party, you don’t need to buy in lots of stuff. They’ll be thrilled with games that get them running around outside. Go on a minibeast safari, butterfly spot or treasure hunt, which can also be done indoors if you’re worried about the weather. When making treasure hunt clues for kids, really explore your imagination. You can invent a code for them to decipher, incorporate an obstacle course, or get them to find items like leaves or acorns.

There’s no limit to what you can do, but if you’re stuck for ideas, you can find more inspiration for making treasure hunt clues for kids here.