Redesigning Your Garden And Keeping It Green

We want our garden to be green but we also want it to be a stylish place to sit and enjoy drinks on Sunday afternoons. These may seem like contrasting ideas but they blend rather well together. You can have both a beautiful garden and one that keeps things friendly to the environment. Here are some of the fantastic ways that you can redesign your garden.

  1. Plant Some More Flowers

We usually like to choose a wide variety of different colours and sizes and plant them around the edge of the garden. Or, you can use them to border the patio. Our only major suggestion would be to be careful where you plant them if you have either a young child or a dog. If you plant them in the middle of the garden and this is the case, they are likely to get trampled. Remember, this is going to be the place you come to relax. So, plant your favourite type of flower with a stunning colour and change the perception of your garden.

 2) Add a Water Feature

A beautiful arched bridge over a pond.


This will keep things green but a little more interesting and exotic. You can read online about how you can dig a pond in your garden, add some fish and add life to your backyard. Again, you can decorate it with some flowers and we would also suggest if you do have fish, you should cover the pond. If you do not, you may attract unwanted attention from birds. If you are unsure how to build a water feature in your back garden, you may want to speak to a desert landscape design company. They will help you design your garden to your budget and your environment.

  3) Grow Your Own Greens

We cannot think of a better way of going green than planting your own vegetables in your backyard. Dig up some soil in a section of your garden and put a small fence around the section to separate it. Plant some potatoes and carrots in a place where they have shade and heat, watering them regularly. Then, simply wait for them to grow. If you feel more confident, you can add some other vegetables to your little plot of land. Just be careful bugs and beasties do not eat them all.

 4) Plant Some Trees

Trees are perfect for framing your garden and blocking out ugly eye sores or next door neighbours. If you live in a hot climate, they are also perfect for adding some shade to your backyard. It is also a brilliant way of putting a mark on the place where you live that will remain long after you move away. If you do move house, you can go back and see how big your tree has grown. One extra tip we would suggest is planting a tree that grows some fruit.  You will be taking another opportunity to grow your own food.

We hope you found these tips useful and love redesigning your garden, keeping it green.