How to make the most of your bedroom

Whilst a lot of effort is put into the parts of your home that visitors are likely to see the bedroom can sometimes be a little overlooked. But this room is incredibly important in creating a particular sense of comfort and elegance in your home and should never be overlooked when it comes to design.

So what can you do to make sure that you are bringing out the best in this room?

Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your boudoir.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to bedrooms is that they can be an incredibly small space and when you add in the furniture; you can sometimes lose an entire room before you have stepped into it.

If this is a problem that you seem to struggle with then perhaps you should first of all look at the option of downsizing your furniture, think if you really need a king size bed when a standard double will do just as well when it comes to sleeping.

Creating a Sense of Space

If downsizing is really not an option that you are prepared to consider then why not look at the colour and finish of not only your bedroom furniture but your entire room. If you need to create a sense of more space than lighter colours are the way forward. Whether that colour be on the walls, floor or on the furniture itself you will feel the benefits of a room that has a much more spacious feel.

You could also finish off your furniture with gloss paint rather than matte, this will reflect light around the room; making the illusion of space even more believeable.

Another way to stop your bedroom from feeling cramped and cluttered is to take advantage of the glory of storage. Drawers, wardrobes, cabinets and plenty of other options are available to you to consider. You can even make the most of storage even further by having it custom built for your bedroom; taking into account the quirks and uniqueness of your room shape.

Coming away slightly from the design and storage aspects of your bedroom you can also look at the technology that you have proudly displayed in your sleeping quarters.

Studies have shown that having a TV in your room can have a negative influence on the quality of sleep that you get. So if the option is there then perhaps you should forgo having a TV at all. Of course this might not be something that you are willing to consider, so instead of removing your TV entirely, alternatively you could look at methods of hiding the TV away when not in use; such as a cabinet or bed that has a TV storage facility within it.

Our last tip is perhaps the most obvious of them all.

Take the time as often as you can (we suggest once every 2 weeks) to give your bedroom a real sort out. Life can take over and we may feel like we have no time to spare cleaning, but just by putting some effort in you will see a vast improvement.

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