The Surprising Hazards Of Using A Dishwasher

Many of us are guilty of using a dishwasher when we feel too lazy to do the dishes. It seems as though it is the perfect solution. After all, we just have to load the appliance and press a button. After that, our job is over, and we can sit back and relax. While the appliance makes our life easier than it would be, there are a few hazards of which you need to be aware. Using a dishwasher might make things simple for you at home, but you could be missing the bigger picture.

Photo by andrea castelli

Dishwashers waste a load of water

When you put a load of plates in the dishwasher and switch it on, you could be wasting loads of water. As a rule, these types of appliances don’t tend to be eco-friendly. If you look at the control panel of the appliance, you will see that there is an ‘eco wash’ button. Most modern appliances have this function. The feature means that the wash will be quicker than it would have been, and the water will be cooler. That goes some way to lessening the damage using a dishwasher does but does not solve the main issue.

Detergents tend to use harmful chemicals

Whenever you use detergents in your dishwasher, you need to make sure that you check the label. Some of the major brands use harmful chemicals in their solutions. If the powder has a chemical in it, you need to look it up online. It is much better to use natural formulas to clean your dishes so that you know they are safe. Over time, you have no idea what that detergent is doing to your plates and cutlery. You can find organic formulas online if you spend some time researching them.

Flooding issues and water damage

If your appliance malfunctions, you will have a mini flood in your kitchen. When you see water coming from the dishwasher, you need to call an expert fast. Companies, such as can come at a moment’s notice. That means that before you know it, someone will be there to help you with your issue. If you just mop the water up and hope for the best, you might find it ruins your flooring. You should also check the walls around the dishwasher to see whether they are moist. If the walls are damp, you need to wipe them down and tell the experts.

Bacteria and unhygienic waste

One of the things that nobody tells you about dishwashers is that they tend to harbor bacteria. Most people will tell you that the heat from the water kills all the bacteria and germs in it. While the heat might kill 99% of germs, there are some organisms that survive. For example, some fungi might survive at the bottom of your dishwasher. That in itself could be harmful to you when you are eating your food.

Cleaning information you should know

If you do use a dishwasher, you need to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis. Every month or so, you need to take the filter out and clean it. Use boiling water to scrub away any fat or grime from this area. You also need to wash the inside of the appliance so that there is nothing in there. This job should take you no longer than an hour and is essential in making sure that your washer is clean.

Now that you know about these hazards, you should do all you can to prevent them. Dishwashers may be convenient, but they come with their risks – you need to remember that!