Top Ways to Save Energy By Generating Heat and Power in Your Own Back Yard

We are constantly under pressure from every direction these days. Spiraling energy costs are a major source of worry as we try and struggle through life. It seems every time we listen to the news, prices are increasing while shareholders and executives continue to receive massive bonuses. The only thing our government has to this problem is to blame us for not insulating our properties, or not being economical with our energy usage. This is too simplistic a view and proves how stupid and out of touch  they are.

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Let’s assume that we have heavily insulated our homes as best we can. We will still need power to run our appliances, television, etc. Have you ever considered generating your own electricity? Money saved on your electricity bill can go towards heating your home with gas. In this article, we will take a look at a few ways you could be saving money by creating your own energy and heat.


Sounds complicated doesn’t it? All you need do is sit back and relax on one of the Alexander Rose luxury garden furniture sets, or another high quality make, with a bottle of your favourite tipple, and make your mental plans. What can you install where without ruining the beauty of your garden? It isn’t a complicated process.

Solar Panels

Using solar panels is arguably the most reliable source of home generation. They are initially expensive to install but are reckoned to pay for themselves within ten years, and have a lifespan of over twenty five years. So if you can afford to have some fitted onto your house, or shed roof you will be on to a winner in time. The beauty of solar panels is that they do not need blazing sunshine to work. Just daylight is enough. Any excess energy that you do not use can be sold to the grid or stored in batteries for use later. The government has recently reduced the amount you will be paid for a Kwh of electricity, but it is still a viable prospect.

Wind Turbine

If you live in a breezy place, this could be an option for you. Domestic turbine kits are available and will charge a bank of batteries that can be installed in your shed. The batteries can then provide power to either a 12v lighting system or 230v via an inverter. The latter will drain the batteries faster though.

Solar Hot Water

Harnessing the power of the sun to heat your water is a big energy saver. There are commercial systems available or you could even build your own. It is not as difficult as you may think. Heating water uses a lot of valuable energy. You will be able to fill your bath for free thanks to our nearest star.

Solar Air Heater

It is possible to warm parts of your house with a solar air heater. With some basic DIY skills and empty beer cans you can use the power of the sun even when temperatures are below zero. This, again is an eco-friendly way to raise the temperature a few degrees and save on fuel costs.

All in all, keeping your energy costs down by collecting or generating your own power can only be good for the planet, while also sticking it to the ‘man’. A variety of different projects will make your energy provisions reliable and will also keep you happy, busy, and the envy of your neighbours.

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