Turn Your Bedroom Green With These Simple Tips

Every room in the house can turn green with a few simple changes. Don’t believe me? I am not lying. Going green isn’t easy because that is not what trying to be eco-friendly is all about. If you want an easy and straightforward life, you are better off with the one you already have. But, as long as you follow a few basic tips and techniques, you can convert your whole house into an eco-friendly haven. Here’s how to tackle the bedroom.

Change The Sheets

Throw out your old sheets and get some new ones. Well, maybe don’t throw them out because that would be a waste that flies in the face of going green. But, replacing them with bed sheets that are made from eco-friendly materials is an easy method for conserving the planet. And, you can do it all from the convert of your bedroom. Some of the best materials are untreated cotton, bamboo and hemp, all of which occur organically in the natural world.

Cotton Pyjamas

To next the later point to the next level, you can buy cotton pyjamas. Sleeping in naturally treated PJs will ensure you don’t feel guilty about your regular PJs that are killing the environment.

Choose A Filling

Most pillows are stuffed to make the experience even more comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that because comfort is incredibly important in your bedroom. The right bedroom will make you happier and healthier. But, there are ways of being comfortable as well as green. Change the stuffing of your pillows for feathers or recycled polyester for the best effect.

Use ‘Green’ Paint

Not green paint as in the colour, unless you love green of course! No, in this case, green means eco-friendly paint. A lot of paints contain harmful fumes that are not good for the environment. One tin might not be much, but hundreds of millions tins of paint are used every day and that does make a big difference. Look for paint that has no or little VOCs. That means they don’t release the harmful fumes that conventional paints do.

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Do you have furniture in your bedroom? Some homeowners have the luxury of having that much space that they can fit a sofa in their bedroom. Instead of buying a brand new piece, however, try a second-hand piece from a flea market. Just ask yourself how much use you are going to get from the furniture. If it is purely for the show, a used option is a great choice for the environment as well as your bedroom.

Dim The Lights

You might already be aware that lights are one of the most inefficient energy sources in the house. That’s because they make as much heat as they make light, creating light being their primary function. So, instead of the regular light bulbs change them for energy efficient ones. Also, dim the lights or turn them off completely when you are not in the room. Remember that if you are not in your bedroom, you don’t need the lights on because it costs money and energy.

See, turning your bedroom green isn’t that hard.

image via pixabay