Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Did you know that a survey by NSK Inc in 2013 showed that 82% of the companies had moved to the cloud reported savings due to this decision? In addition, independent media company, SiliconANGLE reported that more than 60% of businesses were using cloud-based services for their IT operations in 2013. The reason that more and more businesses are choosing to move to the cloud is the savings and scalability it offers. Here’s a look at some more benefits that cloud computing in London offers small businesses and startups.

Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

For reliable cloud storage facilities and data protection for your business, it is a good idea to choose an acclaimed cloud hosting provider in the UK, such as WinMax IT. Here is a list of areas where your business can benefit from with cloud computing:

  • Flexibility: The availability of on-demand cloud resources allows new configurations to be up and running in a short period of time. This helps reduce both money and time, since the user will only be charged for the time spent on the cloud. This gives businesses the flexibility to try out new ventures without heavy cash investments for the supporting systems. You can quickly meet the demands of the business or shift your business focus with services for cloud computing in London.
  • Security and Disaster recovery: Allinformation stored on a cloud is backed up and saved so that you need not worry about disaster recovery plans. Managing the security of your company’s sensitive information is an issue that requires time and energy. A cloud computing provider can maintain the server and manage the security in a way that only authorized personnel have access to the data stored on the cloud. All security or software updates are managed by the provider of cloud computing in London.
  • Increase employee collaboration: There is no need to download software or individually contact employees to share and download business documents and applications. Cloud computing increases the collaboration of employees by helping them simultaneously work on shared apps and sync documents. You can get information and critical updates from colleagues in real time.
  • Work anywhere: The only thing you require is an internet connection and a computer to help you work from anywhere. This can strike a harmonious balance between your personal and work life.
  • Control of documents: Earlier, employees were expected to send files back and forth via email or save hard copies. The introduction of cloud computing has resulted in all files being stored in one central location, allowing the staff to work on a single copy. This has made it easier and more convenient, while freeing up the need for both hard disk and physical space to store all these documents.

It is a good idea to look for the top cloud hosting providers in UK to safeguard your company’s essential and private data, especially if you run a small business or startup, given that it frees up your resources, which can be then better utilized to grow the business.

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