Benefits Of Using Steam Showers Regularly

For as far back as to the days of the Roman empire, people have been using steam to cure and treat a wide array of different physical problems including anything from joint pain to chest infections.  The difference between traditional saunas and steam showers is that saunas produce dry and harsh heat, while steam showers produce very soothing and warm air that is gentler on your respiratory systems.  This also helps to penetrate deep into bones and muscles to alleviate stress and strain.  These are not the only benefits though that come form using steam showers, as you will discover in the following article.

Clearer and Cleaner Skin

It is reckoned that you only need to take at least one to two steam showers a week to experience noticeable benefits to the look and feel of your skin.  Steam can penetrate deep into your skin and remove trapped congestion from below the surface as well as unclogging pores.  Basically, steam increases the level of perspiration in your body which pushes surface bacteria, dead skin skills and trapped dirt up from the layers below the skin so that it can all be washed away properly.  Regular use of steam showers can lead to skin free of congestion bumps, pimples and blackheads.

Treatment of Infections

Another important benefit that comes from regularly using steam showers is treatment for respiratory infections.  Many specialists recommend and suggest steam showers as home-based remedies for sinus and laryngitis infections.  Because the wet and warm heat of the steam soothes inflammation around the nasal cavity and lungs and opens your airways, it not only reduces the infection’s lifespan but increases your overall comfort.

Relief from Stress

Steam Showers are incredibly potent at relieving both mental and physical stress.  While stress obviously effects you emotionally by making you eel overworked, wired and anxious, it can also cause you to experience tense and sore muscles.  The warm and soothing air helps to encourage the release of endorphins which alleviates tension and relaxes your mind; while the increase in blood circulation(see below) releases tightness by expanding the muscle tissue.

Increased Blood Circulation

If you feel you may be likely to suffer from muscular problems, hardened arteries or hypertension increasing blood circulation in your body can counter these conditions.  It does this by transporting more oxygen to blood cells, which can also mean that more blood is flowing to and from the heart, helping to alleviate exhaustion and fatigue.

Weight Loss and Metabolism

It has even been proven that steam showers can promote better weight management.  As the warm steam improves blood flow, this stimulates the lymphatic system which speeds up your metabolic rate.  The higher the metabolic rate you have the more calories you burn over the course of  a day.  Therefore, regular showers along with a healthier diet and lifestyle can help with weight loss and having an overall healthy body.