The Advancement of Green Technology

There have been more current advances in green technology over the past two years. Advancement of the way we use energy on a daily basis is at the forefront. However, there are more areas of this technology that are important in our everyday lives.

Construction materials that are more environmentally friendly and production methods are included in this solution and more fields that are making changes are manufacturing and nanotechnology. Each development affects the world that we live in. Each eco-friendly move is a step forward to creating a better environment now and for the future.

Superior Efficiency

Being energy efficient is important. It cuts down on dangerous emissions and can help create a much healthier environment to live in. Deriving power form hydroelectric technology has been a very reliable source that is being tapped into. What is fascinating about this are the newer methods being introduced within this field.

The utilization of deep under water kites can create a steady flow of useable energy. It has the capability to fuel smaller towns and homes. It works similar to a kite that is flown by wind currents. Instead of wind currents as an energy source, these underwater power kites are constructed to use water currents.

Another inspiring means of green technology involves the use of solar power to create healthier sources of water. This is a maintainable solution that can be used at the residential level and has the potential for commercial development. It is used as a toxin elimination tactic or disinfectant to recycle residential grey-water.

Building Materials

The materials that are used to built homes and commercial buildings is changing. There are many homes and office buildings that are using more green materials. One innovation that is changing the way all buildings and construction projects are being build is green or eco-friendly cement. When this type of cement is used, it reduces CO2 that is in the atmosphere. This can drastically change the size of the carbon footprint of all buildings that use this technology.

Other materials that are used during the construction process include greener insulation products. There are some companies that use recycled denim jeans to create insulation that is better for the environment. This type of insulation has a keen impact on the health and is a safer option. It does not create irritable skin problems and is better for those who have allergies. The solutions that are used to treat recycled denim insulation have a much lower percentage of toxicity.

Improved Fuel Economy

Using better sources of fuel or green fuel important. Innovation aiding in changing this include environmentally friendly vehicles, which decrease emissions. Two sources that are being used to power vehicles include ethanol and electricity. More cars and SUV’s are being powered by electricity as opposed to gas or diesel.

More electronic vehicle stations are being used more in more cites. Before this technology had become mainstream for larger vehicles such as cars, it was used to power golf carts. The technology that is used to power the vehicles that are on the road today is more advanced. This green technology is changing the way cars are being powered and manufactured.

Increasingly more vehicles are being designed to utilized electricity as a main source of power. Cellulose based ethanol is another alternative that is new. This source is derived from natural sources such as grass and non-edible plant bases. This type of ethanol is a bio-fuel that can replace more than sixty percent of oil consumed in the U.S alone. These advancements in technology are changing the way use energy.