5 Affordable and Ecofriendly Home Decoration Ideas

Ensuring that your home is charming inside out is definitely not a foreign concept. In fact, a lot of people are keen about their home’s interior decorations and making sure that it emits a welcoming vibe and at the same time, it is pleasing to the eye. Indeed, there are so many decorating ideas that could hit you but nothing beats going for eco-friendly choices. And, with the help of modern technology, you can just sit back and wait since you can send flowers online to your home and make it part of the decorations. Needless to say, that is just a start as there are more ways to brighten up your living space while staying environmentally friendly.

  1. Accentuate your home with bamboo. There is no denying that bamboo is one of the best materials for your home’s interior decoration that will not leave you with a huge dent on your pockets. There are also all kinds of bamboo products that can be found in the market today, there are bamboo blinds, placemats, rods and so much more. This material can give your home an Eastern flair and at the same time it is one of the most ecofriendly decorating materials that you can use as it is highly sustainable. Bamboo blinds can be a good decoration especially when you are planning to create an illusion that you have larger and taller windows.
  2. Give your unused jars a makeover. One of the most overlooked materials in our homes are used jars which are just sitting around in cupboards. Those jars can actually be converted into a decorative item for your home but you need to be quite creative in this aspect. There are a lot of cool art ideas on what you can do with these jars so that they can get out of the cupboard and be seen. You can use these empty jars as vases, pencil or candle holders and so much more. Or, if the jar has a great shape, you can just fill it up with something like beads, shells or even sand to use it as a decoration.
  3. Reuse old furniture. There is no denying that when a piece of furniture gets old, we think about placing it in the attic, in the garage or throwing it away entirely because it is starting to be an eyesore inside the house. However, you can do a bit of magic with old furniture with some paint. Polishing old furniture can also give it a new glow and make it appear as if it is brand new. If there are missing knobs in a cabinet, you can buy a new knob and make a piece look different. This way, you can save money and stay ecofriendly.
  4. Put fruits and vegetable up for a role in aesthetics. It has been said time and again that fruits and vegetables can do wonders and this is true not just for your health but also for your home’s interior decoration. You can simply put a nice tray or bowl to good use and place various kinds of fruits and vegetables that complement your home’s theme and it can be a great centerpiece.
  5. Bring in the plants and flowers. Almost everyone will think about placing a plant or cut flowers inside their homes to liven it up and it happens to be one of the least expensive ways to dress up your home. Aside from adding color, it can also clean the air.
  6. These days, the trend for going green is definitely getting a lot of supporters. Adopting a green lifestyle need not be difficult and costly; you can live by some rules in ecofriendly decorations that can help you make wise decisions when you are shopping for your home.

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